The direct anterior approach needs special designed instruments to reduce soft tissue damage and reduce healing time of patients.

Surgical instruments for the direct anterior approach

  • IDAA Hohmann retractor
  • IDAA blunt, bent Hohmann retractor
  • IDAA GHT retractor left
  • IDAA GHT retractor right
  • IDAA Müller femoral retractor
  • IDAA femoral retractor
  • IDAA bent curette
  • IDAA bone hook

DAA Assistant - your 3rd hand in the operation room (OR)

The DAA OR assistant is a reliable, powerful and versatile Arm System. It serves as a flexible holding arm for retractors or other operating instruments. 


• Swift, accurate and solid fixation via one central joint.
• Outstanding holding force and therefore very secure for physician and patient.
• Silent assistant - readily available at any time for as long as you need it.

• Reduces necessary OR space and makes surgeries (even emergencies) safe.

• Locking of the Arm System is mechanical and variably adjustable, which enables fixation in any required position.
• Arm Sytems and all the components are maintenacne-free, easy to clean and completely autoclavable in standard sterilization containers up to 134°C.
• Arm Systems made from stainless steel.

Revision instruments for the direct anterior approach

  • The Cup Revision Set ACRIS (Acetabular Cup Removal Instrument System) enables the bone saving removal of the cementless acetabulum cups and can be flexibly used.
    The Cup Revision Set ACRIS can be easily used and enables the removal of the cementless acetabulm cup in hip revisions.

    Hip revisions represent a challenge for surgeons to remove the hip implant as fast as possible by causing minimal damage to the tissue. Possible complications must be resolved as soon as possible and prolong the surgery. For this reason it is very important to have the right instruments to remove the femoral hip implant.

  • To facilitate the removal of the femoral hip implant out of the bony anchorage, we offer the Pneumatic Chisel Hammer „Bittenbinder Rabbit“. The Pneumatic Chisel Hammer „Bittenbinder Rabbit“ was developed in Germany and enables a fast, precise and bone saving removal of the femoral hip prosthesis in revisions. The vibrating chisel easily slides along the femoral hip prosthesis and saves time consuming chiseling by hand.

    The Pneumatic Chisel Hammer „Bittenbinder Rabbit“ has specially been designed for the high demands of hip revisions and is user-friendly and highly efficient in difficult femoral hip revisions.

  • Implant removal tools